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New Suzuki Swift Sport ~ Get up and make the day your own

“The new-generation Swift Sport raises the bar even further, with more athletic and elegant styling, a more upmarket interior, handling that has been further refined, and an even closer focus on achieving superior fuel economy and environmental performance,” explains Kazuyuki Yamashita, managing director of Suzuki Auto SA. “The result is a sporty, contemporary compact hatchback that’s an ideal match for today’s motoring needs.” Courtesy of moreSwift Sport
  • New Suzuki Swift Sport ~ Every part is superbly crafted.
  • New Suzuki Swift Sport ~ Fully supportive driver’s seat and a sporty face and rear.
  • Suzuki Swift Sport ~ Thrilling transmission with optimised shift lever pattern adds enjoyment and makes gear shifts smooth.
  • Our Suzuki Bramley sales people are well trained and knowledgeable of the new Suzuki Swift Sport range.
  • Suzuki Swift Sport ~ Performance and comfort go hand in hand, the Swift Sport offers a high performance 1.6 petrol engine - designed to deliver performance.
  • Suzuki Swift Sport ~ Swift and silent to provide the quietest drive possible.
  • Suzuki Swift Sport ~ A cockpit designed for driving pleasure, wrap around glass and race car features, it's all about an adrenalin rush.
  • Suzuki Swift Sport ~ car that fits in with your values, meets your need to be original and complements your fast-paced lifestyle.
  • Suzuki Bramley services all Suzuki Swift Sport's old and new, we have the systems, equipment and training to meet all your after sales requirements for your Suzuki Swift Sport.
  • Suzuki Bramley has ample secure parking and a friendly welcoming atmosphere that lets you know you've found your Suzuki Swift Sport dealer.

"Suzuki Bramley invites you to come in and test drive the NEW Suzuki Swift Sport"

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